Tsvetkoff Gender Reveal | Clinton Twp., MI

My best friend is having a baby!

Meghan and Paul had their gender reveal party last month. I think there were like 50 people there to witness the best explosion of color ever! Paul is a die hard hockey guy, so what better way to find out the gender of their baby than with an exploding hockey puck?!

Paul’s brother and I were the only two people who knew the gender of Baby Tsvetkoff ahead of time. It was the longest 24 hours of my life and the only secret I have ever kept from Meghan (we’ve been friends for 28 years).

Scroll through the images below. What do you notice? I notice that pure joy on everyone’s face. Baby Tsvetkoff is already surrounded by so much love. I am so excited for Meghan and Paul. I had so much fun capturing this special time for these two.

Thank you for having me be apart of this awesome memory! Love you guys!

It’s a…



Dominick Turns 1 | Shelby Twp., MI

Happy 1st Birthday Dominick!

I cannot believe it’s already been a year since I took Mr. Dominick’s newborn photos! He is such an adorable little boy and I had so much fun taking his one year photos last month.

Sessions like this mean so much to me. I love being able to capture the different stages of a growing family. I’ve known Dom’s mom for a pretty long time. She went to preschool with my brother and we also danced together. I feel honored to be able to capture these special memories for Alyssa and her men :).

My favorite part of this one year session had to be Dom’s noises while eating his cake. Oh my gosh… I wish you guys could’ve been there. With every little bite, we would hear “hm”, “mmm” or “oh!” He definitely did not hold back when digging into his cake!

Oh, and I can’t forget the hockey stick. Dom’s dad loves hockey and it looks like Dom is going to be a fan as well!

There is so much joy and love in these photos. Even Dom’s aunties showed up to get a few photos with him. This session right here is one of the reasons why I love my job :).